• Itzurun Beach

    Itzurun Zuhaizbidea, Zumaia, Spain .

    The impressive and beautiful Flysch layers dominate the landscape here and bring us in touch with some major events of the history of the earth. For eample the extinction of the dinosaurs, the inversion of earths' polarity and the important KT Boundary, amongst others. Especially interesting when the tide is low.

  • Sakoneta

    Errotaberri Erreka, Spain .

    Get immersed in Geological Time, and go back millions of years by visiting Sakoneta beach during low tide. 

  • Pagoeta Nature Reserve

    Iturraran, 20809 Iturraran, Guipuzcoa, Spain .

    This beautiful 2860-hectare park has guided tours and hiking trails as well as one of Europe's richest bio-diversity, so very interesting for botanists and ornithologists. 

  • Museum Chillida Leku

    Barrio Jáuregui 66, 20120 Hernani, Guipuzcoa .

    The Museum of Chillida-Leku is a large space of gardens and forests and a remodeled farmhouse (Zabalaga), where the renowned sculptor Eduardo Chillida Juantegui has exposed a large sample of his work. It is located in the vicinity of Hernani, province of Guipúzcoa.

  • Museum Cristóbal Balenciaga

    Aldamar Parkea Parkea, 6, 20808 Getaria, Gipuzkoa, Spain .

    The museum Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa in Getaria delves into the work of the most influential fashion designer of the 20th century.

  • Restaurant Idoia

    Julio Beobide Ibilbidea, 2, 20750 Zumaia, Gipuzkoa, Spain .

    Idoia is a prizewinning tapas bar/restaurant with a large selection of wines and beers. They serve a selection of the best delicacies in Basque tradition. Their seafood, fish and sirloin steak are delicious.